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Career Counselling

Students remain in a state of dilemma regarding the selection of country, university and Course. Such a state of confusion is sorted out and resolved by the qualified, experienced and dedicated experts in the Presidential. Students get necessary counseling from our professionals regarding the resolution of any existing confusion on any issues.

Financial Aid

Students are unaware of the possibility of financial aid for the course they are subjected to study in any specific city and university. We unveil the available financial aid opportunities for the students that would help reduce the financial burden of the students.

Pre-Departure Briefings

Pre-departure sessions are held. Students need to be familiar with new destinations and the new culture of foreign countries. This type of session will be fruitful in building up confidence among students. The instructional briefings from our experienced professionals are proven beneficial for the students in making arrangements for the travel.

Score High

High scoring in the language tests is a dream of every student applying for abroad studies. We help stop their dream to turn out into a nightmare. Our qualified and experienced instructors are proficient enough to guide the students making them able to score high in the language and other necessary tests.

Apply with Dependents

Many students intend to travel abroad along with their dependents. They may be in a state of confusion about how to apply and regarding numerous formalities associated with it. We provide the necessary guidelines required to be followed for forwarding their application along with the dependents.

Education Loan Options

An education loan or bank balance is a must for forwarding a visa application. It becomes impossible to get a visa in the absence of a financial statement. We suggest viable education loan options to the students so as to forward an eligible financial statement to be presented. Genuine financial statements help get the visa with higher certainty.

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Buddha Sunuwar


Presidential was precisely the kind of support and guidance I needed while applying to the...

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My experience with Presidential felt like I had an expert on my side, profoundly helping...

Nabin Upadhaya


I was worried about studying abroad because I wasn't sure how to manage the financial...

Abhishek Adhikari


"I never would have been able to study abroad without the help of an Presidential....

Ajay Nepal


"I was hesitant to study abroad because I wasn't sure how to navigate the application...